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Here are all the posts covering the time I spent whilst on My French Adventure!

Back in France

So I am back in France to visit on my mum for my 21st Birthday, if you haven’t noticed already, this is my second visit. I previously blogged about my first visit here in France back in June which you can find by clicking here with […]

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My French Adventure

Eymoutiers I like the town Eymotiers, which is situated in the Limousin region, it has a fine balance between nice, quiet and rural but with a touch of modern life. However, there is one thing about this town that I can’t quite make out, whether […]

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My French Haven

My French Haven Click the link above to visit my mum’s website about her own French adventure, except that this blog will be lasting for a much longer time than mine will be running! Whilst I will be publishing my own adventure soon, this will give […]

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Mont Gargan

So I’m back from Eymoutiers, France! There will be some more videos coming to my Youtube channel so make sure you hit the subscribe button. Oh and can you please like the video too. This is a quick video of Mont Gargan! From Mont Gargan you […]