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Welcome to some more personal tails, that are from Owen Young, rather than Ingrey Captures.

Living With Epilepsy

Back in 2011 I was diagnosed with a mild form of Epilepsy, that would lead to myoclonic jerks, I’ve been on medication since that had worked for many years up until recently. Unfortunately I had a seizure in July 2017 and I had to surrender […]

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La Belle Maison

Let me tell you about La Belle Maison and what it is. In 2012 Andrea (my mum) took the plung to retire from work as a teacher and moved abroad to a town called Eymoutiers. Back in 2014 I wrote some blog posts under the […]

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Woodbridge River Deben Walk

So if you have seen on our Instagram page I posted some morning pictures taken on the River Deben, Woodbridge. I have been wanting to go for a walk in the morning somewhere so I could capture the morning mist, I’ve seen some fellow photographers do […]

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Shingle Street

Shingle Street is a small, yet mysterious, village on the coast located between Orford and Bawdsey. Part of the coast also known as Hollesley Bay, where the Hollesley Bay prison is located. Shingle Street was commonly used as a settlement for the local fisherman who would […]

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Back in France

So I am back in France to visit on my mum for my 21st Birthday, if you haven’t noticed already, this is my second visit. I previously blogged about my first visit here in France back in June which you can find by clicking here with […]

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Content has slowed down a lot on this website lately simply because my time has become limited because I have started working a part time job, which should hopefully go towards my own new camera for next year. I just want to explain why I […]

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Keep Bentwaters Flying

Unfortunately there is a small minority that wish to prevent air displays over the old RAF base “Bentwaters” probably due to the noise. Today I am writing about how I feel about this, to gather other people who find this as a monstrosity and support […]

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My French Adventure

Eymoutiers I like the town Eymotiers, which is situated in the Limousin region, it has a fine balance between nice, quiet and rural but with a touch of modern life. However, there is one thing about this town that I can’t quite make out, whether […]


My French Haven

My French Haven Click the link above to visit my mum’s website about her own French adventure, except that this blog will be lasting for a much longer time than mine will be running! Whilst I will be publishing my own adventure soon, this will give […]

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