My name is Owen Young, and I am currently 24 years old, I read, I write, and over the last few year I’ve taken an interest in photography! My first camera I got was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ20 camera for passing my exams to play with. After a couple of years I saved up and have got myself a Canon EOS 1300D and I hope to start this project again.

I am an epileptic photographer/blogger from Suffolk. I am currently sticking it out in France for a year. Out here I am studying marketing and homing on my photography skills. In my blog I will discuss the local area, photography projects and mental health.

I’ve created this blog/portfolio in the hope to grant an opportunity in photography, media and/or graphics. Whilst I am a novice, I have confidence in myself that I have a good eye for capturing a good picture, which I believe is what photography is all about.

I also participate in creating content for:

If you’ve got any requests e-mail me at: