5 Best Spots in Suffolk

I was born and raised in Suffolk, so I’m going to write about some of the best places to visit in Suffolk in my opinion, and why. Some of the areas may not be as busy or as cultured as certain places in Suffolk, for example Southwold, but the places I’m suggesting offer a certain history and tranquillity. Places you can have fun, keep fit or relax the soul.


Whilst Felixstowe may not come across as one of the quaintest seaside towns in Suffolk, it’s certainly has a lot of history and tradition. It also has the landmark, Port of Felixstowe, which is one of the largest ports in the world and you can only see it here in Suffolk.

The best viewing point for the Port of Felixstowe is up and Langaurd Point, an old Napolean Fort, which was also used during WW1 and WW2. You can walk up to the River Orwell mouth and all the way round to Felixstowe’s seafront. At the seafront there are fish & chip shops, arcade machines and fun activities for you to take part in. There is also a pier which is currently being renovated (19/07/2017) and a large swimming pool to take your family.

Bawdsey Quay

Now there isn’t a lot of things to do at Bawdsey Quay other than to take a short walk, but it’s one of my favourite spots, despite it being a bit out on the limb. It’s peaceful and quiet here usually and in the summer evenings it really is magical. It’s on the other side of the Felixstowe, facing what is known as “Old Felixstowe”, at the river mouth of the Deben.

When I go to Bawdsey Quay I like to go in the summer evenings because it’s usually much quieter there and if it’s been a scorching hot it’s also cooler. Then I like to pop up to a pub in Shottisham called The Sorrel Horse for some good old “pub grub” or to grab a refreshing drink.


Down the River Deben #Deben #Woodbridge #Suffolk

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Woodbridge is a very popular destination in Suffolk for tourist. The town is littered with pubs, cafes and shops. Woodbridge is situated right on the River Deben and has a trainline running from Ipswich to Lowestoft. Lot’s of local people like to take part in water sports so there is sailing and rowing clubs along the river.

Woodbridge offers a long river walk, which starts of at Melton, and can lead all the way up to Felixstowe. There are many pubs to stop off at along the way…


Oh Hello #Aldeburgh #Suffolk #Coast #Beach #Sea

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Aldeburgh is a real traditional coastal town, with the River Alde just south, Aldeburgh has many great reasons for you to visit. It’s has fresh fish caught from the sea the very same morning it’s sold, a local cinema, music & art events, world-famous fish & chips, I could go on. It’s so good, even famous celebrities are known for visiting!¬†Aldeburgh is on this list because it really is just so pretty.

Shingle Street

Shingle Street doesn’t have much do it, similar to Bawdsey Quay, apart from a couple of fishing houses. A lot has happened in the war-time here though, so whilst it seems quiet, there is more to it than meets the eye. Shingle Street is good place for people to come who enjoy sea fishing and swimming. I also captured one of my favourite images here too, which is a reason why I like it so much.

What are you favourite places in Suffolk? Anywhere you think I’ve left out? Leave a comment below or Tweet us @IngreyCaptures. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for all my latest images on the go.


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