Mophie Juice Pack Ultra iPhone 6/62 Review

Reliable, strong and handy case for your phone! If you like to use your iPhone on the go then a battery case is what you’ll need. The nice simple colour and design of a Mophie case will make your phone look like a real “smart” phone.

Why Mophie?

Mophie has been designed to be able to stand many knocks and bumps. Whilst I have one of the more basic cases for my iPhone, I was impressed by the amount of many options available to choose from, that really advance how you can charge your phone. This ranges from wireless stands, battery packs and waterproof cases.

The case I had done the job for me on long walks, which was useful for taking pictures, making pictures and running apps on the go. This will be great for Pokemon GO users! It fit well in my pocket although being rather bulky. I found it easy to use and it held a lot of charge for my phone.

Why not a Battery Pack?

The case is much easier to fit into your pocket than a battery and there are a lot less wires hanging out and tangling up. It can hold as much charge as a battery pack too. I preferred to use this than my battery pack as a result. However the one issue you may find is that it won’t be able to charge multiple devices like a big battery pack, but as it’s a case I hardly think that is a major issue.

Issues I’ve Had…

Whilst I really like the Mophie case, I’ve had a few issues with it, which I think really need improving on. I found it very difficult to remove my iPhone from its case and as a result I scratched my iPhone (not good). The other problem I had is the headphone extender broke only after a couple of weeks of having it, which suggests to me rather flimsy build quality, for such an expensive case.


  • Stylish.
  • Long battery life.
  • Multiple accessories available, great flexibility.
  • Strong and protective.
  • Simple and Easy to switch on and off.


  • Big, bulky and heavy compared to other cases.
  • Expensive. A lot of the accessories are expensive also.
  • I would live a holder for the car as the case will not fit in a regular case.
  • Needs an app to tell you how much battery is left in the case.
  • Hard to get your phone in and out. Can damage your phone! 

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