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Dunwich is another one of Suffolk’s mysterious old cities that once bathed in glory dating back to the Anglo Saxon period. That has now all gone under the ocean on coast of Suffolk due to coastal erosion, and all that is left is holiday lets, campsites and the heath land. As you can see in the image above, there a still a few relics of the old city that remains.

So how big was Dunwich really? I am not exaggerating when I say it was glories! Dunwich was the capital of East Anglia in it’s time, and was similar in size to 14th century London. With it’s own port, it was busy in trade and it was rich in religious values, with it’s own abbey. Although it is never really known in much detail what truly happened in the Dunwich. Unfortunately the land consisted mostly of heath land and as result it started to decline to coastal erosion dating back to three storms that hit Dunwich, one in 1286 and the other two in 1287. Since then the population slowly dwindled to what it is today, all though it is still classified as a town, it is more in size to that of a village. Folk law says that at low tides on a clear night you can hear church bells ringing underneath the sea.

Another interesting story out there from the folk law is one called “Dark heart of Dunwich”. An old story of a young woman who fell in love with a local man when she was due to be marrying a local landowner. The woman waited in vein for her lover to return after he had his way with her and skipped town of out to sea. The ghostly part of this tales is that she was said to have cut out her own heart and thrown it into the sea, but she was unable to die, and a result she haunts the coast. The heart has been described to be wooden in texture and occasionally washes up onto the shore. Anyone who obtains the heart will be cursed with misfortune.

Dunwich is another example of Suffolk’s former glories past. Something that you do not notice when you visit the sleepy county. It shows how it all disappeared due to misfortune as well a lack of forward thinking in the modern era, however, it can not be forgotten that a lot has happened in Suffolk that has made the United Kingdom what it is today.


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