Woodbridge River Deben Walk

IMG_0494-0So if you have seen on my Instagram page I posted some morning pictures taken on the River Deben, Woodbridge. I have been wanting to go for a walk in the morning somewhere so I could capture the morning mist, I’ve seen some fellow photographers do it on Facebook and it inspired me to go and do some for myself.

I had to go of to work early in the morning, and to do so I had to hope onto the train into Saxmundham from Woodbridge Station. . I got there a little early and I couldn’t stop looking over to the river. I didn’t take much to stop me from walking over and getting some pictures! The sky was clear blue so it helped make it for the perfect photo opportunity to. Unfortunately I didn’t have my main camera with me so instead I took the pictures on my iPhone, and they came out really well. I intend to go of somewhere else early in the morning with my camera and catch some more images of the morning mist but with my good camera this time.

Which one is your favourite?




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