Classics on the Green: Friston – 2019

Friston hosted a classic car show on Thursday 11th July 2019. I folded into my Dad's Mazda MX5 sports car with my camera in my lap. I decided to bring my 75mm - 300mm zoom lens to try and get a new perspective on the cars, hoping to capture the detailed interiors, curved wheel arches and characteristics of the cars.

Rivers Of Suffolk – River Deben: Metlon Station to Woodbridge #2

Landscapes of Suffolk

After writing the first stage of the walk along the River Deben (from Ufford to Melton), we shall continue on the second part of this walk. We start from Melton and head up to Woodbridge, stopping at a Cafe along the way for a refreshments. This walk is accessible by train too, as the start is right next to Melton’s train station.

Heading to the River Path

This is at the very start of the walk, you’ll head through a small wooded area, and towards a bank that’ll lead up to the river wall (there’s is a slope to the right of the steps). Here you greeted by a panoramic view of the River Deben, which is a great sight when the tide is up, the water is a calm and the skies are blue, unfortunately that day wasn’t today. Follow the river towards Woodbridge.

IMG_4193.jpg A panoramic view…

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Rivers Of Suffolk – River Deben: Ufford Hole to Wilford Bridge #1

Landscapes of Suffolk

Part one of the River Deben walks starts in a small village called Ufford. This part of the river is often referred to as “The Ufford Hole”. We’ll be making our way through some lovely countryside into a village called Bromswell and then up to the Wilford Bridge in Melton.

Above is a map of the walk that was taken to get from one end to the other. I logged in two pubs, both at each end of the walk. The walk itself is approx 7km long, however there are shorter circuit walks at each part of the walk.


The walk starts in Ufford, with the local pub The White Lion being a good place to fuel yourselfs up with food and drink before you make your way.

Ufford Hole

Above are photographs of what you may expect to see out here in the first part of the walk. As…

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Book Review: Johnny Herbert – What Doesn’t Kill You… My Life in Motor Racing

Ingrey Sports

Johnny Herbert talks through his 25 years in the motorsport industry as a disabled racing driver competing at the highest levels. Sharing stories from when he was a child, his life-affecting accident, gamesmanship at Benetton against Michael Schumacher and winning Le Mans against all odds. This book is all done with the tongue and cheek attitude that we all know and love Johnny Herbert for, but don’t take him for a fool, he was a strong and steely eyed competitor come Sunday.

The Strengths

This book clearly has been written by Johnny Herbert himself, and this comes across well in the book, capturing the man’s sense of humour and telling the stories that makes him the man that he is, but it also makes you appreciate what he really had to go through too. He talks about his with great truth you get to divulge yourself in the gamesmanship that…

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